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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 13, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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president to get involved at this point. >> sean: all right. i have put up a petition on my web site and people can help. you guys are going to be in our thoughts and prayers. our hope is that john gets home before christmas and somebody at the state department, somebody at the white house, steps up and handle this is. thank you both. >> thank you very having us. >> sean: appreciate it. by the way, greta will have the lawyers for john coming up, as he goes "on the record" in a few seconds here. that's all the time we have left. thank you. greta will have that, the hotdog guy and much more as she goes "on the record." thanks for being with us. i hope you have a great night. >> greta: tonight, it's official. u.n. ambassador susan rice will not replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. the embattled ambassador withdrawing her name. lindsay graham and john bolton are here to discuss that. but michigan police on hunt for the violent masked protesters, wanted for ripping down a tent near the state capitol and
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terrorizing those inside the tent. that violence was sparked by the passage of the right-to-work law. the union supporters, tearing down the tent with the people still inside the tent. the tent belonging to americans for prosperity. today, the filing of a police complaint. you will hear the latest in just a minute. but first, caught under that tent, as it was coming down, vendor clint tarver, the hotdog guy, he was giving out hotdog when is he got the care of his life. so other tell me what happened? you got hired to sell hotdogs, you got there at 10:00 in the morning. take it from there. >> at 10:00 in the morning, i set up to sell hotdogs. at 10:30, i was ready to sell hotdogs. everyone had to have a ticket to receive a hotdog. so -- i guess about 11:30, maybe
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a quarter to 12, two guys came into the tent. and one was wearing the mask looks like a devil's mask. the other one was wearing a ski plaiveg. and so, you know -- ski mask. you know, i thought they were having some fun. just fun. so the guy took their maives off. they had a ticket. i gave nem a hotdog. as soon as they got through eating the hotdog, 3 minutes later, they started to tear -- turning over the coffee pots, urns, about four of them. the table got turned over and by that time, they started cutting the tent. coming in and one of the groundskeepers came in and said, clint, have you to get out of here. they are cutting the tent. the tent is about to collapse. at that time, i was trying to save some of my stuff, but i couldn't. by that time, it had collapsed and i had to crawl from under the tent to get away.
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and so, i climbed out and i was just standing there and as i was standing there. they formed a line... and they walked across the tent, stomping everything that was in their path. turning over my tables. my catering equipment. hotdogs, my chili, my cheese, my sauerkraut, everything. my pop. they threw my pop around. they hollered racial slur, the "n" word. i was an uncle tom. i had no business on this side. but i was trying to explain to them that i am a hotdog vendor. i was hired by these people to come in and sell hotdogs to people who this ticks. that's what i do. i have been doing it for 16 years, greta. that's what i was there for. i got caught up in that. >> greta: were you ever able to see their faces. or were they at all time it's. >> no! they took their masks off and i
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gave them a hotdog. one was a rather thin fella. the other one, i can't remember his face. i just the other guy was a thin guy. young guy. >> greta: other than the very offensive racial slurs, did they say anything about right to work or to indicate what side of the fight they were on, this battle or whether they were outside agitators? >> no, the people who were protesting against the right-to-work people. they were so angry at these people. and that -- i guess they thought i was part of it and they started -- calling me the "n" word. they even spit on a of people. they were out of order, greta. totally. >> greta: did others join in or did any of the sort of protesters try to stop them or did everybody stand by while you got terrorized and possibly very
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hurted with the tent? >> no. there were some people that was safety. they had safety things on, so they were trying to calm the crowd down. but they kind of like, pushed them aside and like i was telling my wife, she was so upset. i was telling her that these guys was telling them, hey, this is not martin luther king time. you know, we are not going to go for this peace stuff anymore. we want it this way. we going to "f" this, "f" that. it was just crazy irvetion -- crazy. >> greta: clint, thank you very much. sorry huto go through that. >> thank you. >> greta: today, members of americans for prosperity filing a police complaint. last night, they went record roar, telling us about the terrifying tent attack. >> it was very scary. two men came in in ski masks. they had box cutirs or knives. they started to cut the canvas
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strapped that tethered the tent to the ground. they started to flip over the tables that had hot cougho it. it was -- coffee on it. it was scary and a lot of people felt achery, they felt like their personal space had been invaded and their right to have their voice heard was being trampled on. >> greta: for you, david, what was it like? >> good evening, greta. it was pretty intense -- we had to post people out by the straps to keep them from undoing them to make the tent cave in. when the coffee urns were thrown over and the tables, we knew they were inside. we came back around and went into the tent. it was almost collapsed by then. >> greta: what are the police doing about all of this? michigan state police inspector is here. good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: were you outside on the grounds yesterday when this went down? >> i was all over the capitol, greta. but when this happened... we had
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platoons surrounding the building, keeping track of the crowd. we do know where the tents were. however, having a ground view and the tents being about 40 deep into the crowd, we were unable to see what was going on. however, when our helicopter reported that it looked like the two canopies had collapsed, we sent two platoons of troopers there to make sure that nobody was injured or trapped under the tents. by the time our troopers worked their way through the crowds, the people were out of the tents. >> greta: now, i take it no arrests were made on the scene, that you didn't get the platoons or single police officers over to the area to make the arrest for these two who had started this destruction? >> no, ma'am. a crowd of this size, this size kind of a mob-like group at that time, is very fluid.
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we had our hands full, maintaining the control of the crowd. but when our two platoons of troopers were there, nobody reported any injuries nor did anybody report any damage or want to file a dom plaint -- complaint at that time. >> greta: whether or not anyone reports damaging doesn't mean there hasn't been a crime, when somebody is cutting down a tent and terrorizing and scarying people. you have a crime. would you not agree? >> yes, ma'am. however the tents were a low priority at that time that. happened on tuesday and at 2:00 today, the right to work group did file a complaint with the michigan state police. and we will investigate that. >> greta: do you have -- did you have all the video you need to perhaps identify -- we have some video, obviously, do you have the two who originally went into the tent with the masks.
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they went their masks off. >> we have limited video. and our detectives have not had a chance to check that yet. again, this report came in at 2:30 and it was just barely processed today. >> greta: have you heard any report inconsistent with what our guests have said from last night and tonight, our live guests? >> no, ma'am. you know, there was an assault on a reporter also. and that individual has not filed a police report with the state police yet yeerght. >> greta: you know, you watch this and it's disgusting. do you agree? the violence -- i mean, a hotdog selling guy -- i mean, why do that to him? >> mr. tarvar is an institution in downtown lansing. vieaten his hotdogs many times. you know, overall, a crowd of over 12,000 were well behaved. unfortunately, there were a handful of people, whether it was emotion or whatever, let
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things get out of control and just gave this entire protest a bad reputation. >> greta: i am curious if he's an institution, whether or not he was targeted in particular because he is obviously selling hotdogs inside the tent of one side of this, in this instance, the people who are supporting the new law. was he targetd? the racial slushes hurled at him? >> greta:. >> well, that's part of the crowd mentality. he happened to be at the wrong place at the right time, with the wrong group, as far as the other protesters felt. >> greta: one thing is certain, there are people who know who did this to this man and the other people, cutting down the tent. lucky that people weren't mothered, i suppose. by the tent. if people have the diseens tow come forward and give you some tips. i hope you get them. thank you for joining us. >> i hope if people do have information, they do present it to the michigan state police. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> yes, ma'am.
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>> greta: u.n. ambassador and her abrupt withdrawal from the rawning for the secretary of state. >> the second big story, susan rice. just in the last couple of hour, call theeing the president, saying she is pulling her name out of consideration for secretary of state, all because of that controversy over benghazi, her reaction to the terror attack, whether or not she misled the public. >> best assessment we have today is that in fact, this was not a pre-planned, premade titted -- premeditated attack. >> i am more troubled today, knowing, having met with the acting director of the cia and ambassador rice. >> it was a pontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo, as a consequence of the video. >> the obsessive focus on ambassador rice's appearance on a series of sunday shows is misplaced and misguided. >> why did the administration pult her out there as the
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spokesperson? >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> susan rice should have known better. if she didn't know better, she's not qualified. >> but for them to go after the u.n. ambassador, who had nothing to do with benghazi and was simply making a presentation, based on intelligence that she had received that bemimped her reputation is outrageous. >> i am more disturbed now than i was before that the 16th of september explanation about how four americans died in benghazi, libya, by ambassador rice, i think does not do justice to the reality at the time. and in mindsight clearly was completely wrong. >> greta: in a letter to president obama, a short time ago, ambassador rice, writing in part...
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she continues and says... senator lindsay graham joins us. >> good evening. >> greta: your response to the letter that the ambassador sent to the president, three or four paragraph, accusing those who criticize her of politicizing it and causing an irresponsible disakz distraction. are you politicizing it? are you causing an irresponsible distraction? >> i think the problem here is that she went on national television, five days after the attack that killed four americans and told a story that is not based on any reality that i have seen. she told a political story three weeks before the election. they sanitized the intelligence. she says the consulate was strong, substantially and significantly defended. nothing could be further from the truth.
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she indicated that al qaeda was decimated, trying to continue the narrative that the president had been talking about since the death of bin laden, i cold her accountable and -- i hold her accountable and responsible for misleading the american people. i think she was chose tone tell -- for a reason. if he didn't know anything about benghazi, as the president indicated, why did they pick her? i thought she was the most politically compliant person they could find. and the story she told doesn't withstand scrutiny. >> greta: do you factor into the equation -- i confess that i do -- she went on five shows and it took 73 days before she said anything different and that was to u.s. senators behind closed doors, but it took 73 days forler to speak out, not even publicly, but behind closed doors. >> i i don't think she would have ever said she was wrong. this is not about susan rice.
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the president said, if you have a problem with benghazi -- i do -- it is not picking on the president. it is trying to expose a national security failure, a debacle. i hold the president accountable more than anythingch -- more than anyone else. it should have been closed or reinforced before the attack on 9/11. there is nothing to do to help the people. where was he as commandener chief. have you two movies being made in the raid on bin laden. you don't know anything about what the president did in the seven hours of the attack. and afterward, the president tried to blame this on a video and a mob and a demonstration that never existed. but susan rice, in my opinion, misled the public. there are other problems with her time and politics and national foreign affairs arena. her problems were deeper than me and deeper than benghazi. but we won't let this go. how could for seven hours, nobody come to the aid of the
7:16 pm
people during the attack? why did we leave the consulate open? where was the president when the british decided to close their consulate in june and afterwards, how did the intelligence get so screwed up? we are going to keep pressing this so we can learn from it and not have it happen again. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: former u.n. ambassador john bolton is here. >> glad to be here. >> greta: you heard me say to the senator nher letter to the president, she has an op-ed piece in the washington post, politicizing, irresponsible distraction, critics of her and in the washington post article, she refers to the debate about her as being a political football. how do we know if she is right or whether or not there is a fair scrutiny of a government employee. >> i think it's always fair scrutiny. everything you say in public when you are a senior government official is open to question. and in fact here, the administration tried to have it both ways. they tried to get their story
7:17 pm
line out that the killings in benghazi were caused by the muhammad video. when the data showed that that was fantasy, they tried to stonewall past the election to stonewall past the possible nomination of secretary of state and it has fallen apart. susan rice may be an unfortunate victim. but this is all due to the president's own strategy. >> greta: you know, she is withdrawing her name from consideration. she was never nominated. i don't know if the president said he intended to nominate her. this is like eye could submit a letter withdrawing my name from consideration. >> sure, i could sit at home by the phone and wait for his call to to nominate me. >> greta: why did she send that letter and make it public and why tonight? >> i think they had come to a political conclusion that it was too cost three go forward and she wanted to get her two cents worth in on that. i would be surprised now if after a few interviews on friendly television networks tonight, there is much more discussion about. it i think the administration
7:18 pm
wants to get this off the radar screen. so i am encouraged that senator graham and i am sure others in congress, are not going to let it go. now that susan rice is out of the picture, i think this opens the way, beginning next week with hillary clinton's testimony in congress, as to what actually happened. >> greta: it's interesting in her letter to the president, she stalks about what she says are the successes that she is part of with the administration and one of them is increasing the international pressure on iran and north korea with the toughest sanctions ever. that did happen, but we haven't gotten anywhere. they are moving forward with the nuclear weapons program. north korea interest a missile launch. >> the sanctions from the past four years are marginal, compared to the sanctions imposed before, yet iran is ever closer to nuclear weapons, north korea launched a satellite into -- bit. the world is more dangerous, not because of susan rice, but because of barack obama.
7:19 pm
>> greta: i am highly critical that she rolled out for 73 days and didn't correct it and should have. i don't think we should have had that mystery lingering. people i talked to say she has been very helpful in the south sudan and saving lives there in a very terrible situation. i will give her credit for that. >> okay. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, how do we let this happen? a u.s. marine chained up in a dangerous mexican prison. the parents getting horrifying calls about sending moan tow save his life. that disturbing story is next. and congressman jason chafits accusing the state department of hiding benghazi survivors. he is here. and caught on camera, if you think our congress fights, take a look at this. what led to the government brawl? where in the world is this? you will see a lot more, coming up. ♪
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>> greta: he survives iraq and afghanistan, but a u.s. marine is fight egg very dangerous battle in mexico, fighting to stay alive. he is in a vicious mexican prison and worse, he is under constant threats from violent drug cartels. he was arrested, passing through a mexican border city on the way to costa rica.
7:24 pm
he was arrested for carrying his grandfather's antique shotgun. on the u.s. side of the border, an agent told him the gun was legal, as long as he declared it to mexican authorities. so that's what he did and that's what got him arrested. the parents are begging the obama administration to help save his son's life. we have the attorney for hamar here. >> good to be with you. >> greta: nice to have you here. why can'ty get him out of jail? what's wrong? >> okay. right now, there is a fliel mexico, trials start at certain points and there is different hearings, like in the united states of america. and we are ready to go with our experts and also we have motions and we have two injunctions for exclusion of evidence for violation of his constitutional rights. >> greta: when is this trial date? >> the trial date's been on. the next hearing's set for
7:25 pm
january 17. that date, greta, was moved, continued, from october 30 or thereabouts. the hearings were set for november 13 and 23 and they were continued because the mexican customs agent was transferred to another place. and we have to bring him in, the judge wanted to cross-examine and we said, of course. i said yes. so he will have to be brawlt brought in for cross-examination. >> greta: all right. where is our state department on this? and why can't we get the mexican government to help? what is wrong with a bond to get him out? i sunday understand the prison is filled with a cartel, why you get him out on bond? >> okay. there are three answers that need to be said. first of all, on bond. this particular crime is charged with a serious crime. and there is a catalog of crimes that do not allow for bail.
7:26 pm
there was some indications to article 19 of the mexican constitution that allow for bail now, except that supposedly, some courts have held that that is still not into effect. other courts have held that it has come into effect. that's a serious constitutional issue. meanwhile, talking about the jail, particularly, he was in the general population, some months ago, for his well being, the u.s. consulate, as far as i understand, was able to move him to an isolated place because this jail this, particular jail, doesn't have -- let's say like an isolated, single cell for protection. that's where they have him to protect him from threats or whatever. >> greta: i find it -- i know you are trying to do everything you can. but he is a u.s. marine. from what i understand of the facts, are the facts the correct facts? that he informed the u.s. agent at the border he had the antique
7:27 pm
gun and heave -- he was on the way out of the country and the mexican government notified him, is that what happened? >> 80%. the other part, a u.s. customs agent told him it was legal to go to mexico with registration papers. the problem was when he came back into the states. he goes to mexico with customs and they tell him to wait and then five hours later, he was arrested for violation of article 11, paragraph "h" of the federal law of weapons and explosives, which has that you can import any shotgun except certain type of shotguns. for example, once a certain caliber. this particular caliber was .410, which is not -- this is not reserved for the exclusive use of the armed forces, and neither were the bullets, the gains, that was for the non-exclusive. the issue is the lept of the barrel, that's the problem --
7:28 pm
how it was measured and also, most important, that that -- let me explain to you why -- it was not sawed off. and this has to be under 25 inches and we believe the measure was taken the wrong way and that's what we are going to heampl at. >> greta: i wish you luck. but, you know, it makes my blood boil. all sorts of international trades are going for prisoners. pan am 103, a killer of 170 people and there was a swap for humanitarian reasons to go home to libya. we have a guy who makes an innocent mistake with a gun, a u.s. marine and the u.s. government can't find a solution to get him home. i am very troubled because i know this goes on every day of the week. i hope our government steps in and gives you more help. good luck on this. >> i appreciate. let me tell you, we are doing everything. there is a group of lawyer, you know? >> greta: i know. >> believe me, we are going to
7:29 pm
bring john home. >> greta: i know. there are things you do in the courtroom -- i know you are doing everything you can. but there are things that our government, our state department can do. we can be heavy handed to achieve things above and beyond what you are capable of doing in the courtroom. i hope you get that extra happen. thank you. >> i agree. thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> greta: coming up, congressman jason chafits, saying the government is hiding benghazi survives. and a handbook, warning that americans in afghanistan not to insult the taliban and not to speak up for women. really? coming up. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices
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>> greta: congressman accusing the state department of hiding survivors of and witnesses to the benghazi terror attack, saying the state department won't identify who they are or grant access to survivor who is are still in the hospital. good evening, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: as i have done a little mathematics. it looks like there were 20 americans evacuated from benghazi. have you had access to any of those 20 to ask them questions about what happened? >> oh, no. absolutely not. now, when i went to libya -- remember, i went to tripoli, i was able to visit with individuals with 1st hand knowledge. we asked not just about the four people who were injured injured, who was injured, how many were injured and where are they? i have asked three major
7:34 pm
television networks to help me and fox news and part of the big network it's none of them have been given this information. it's been typical when we have people killed killed in iraq, afghanistan, the names are held for maybe 48 hours, but we don't know how many they are, who the families are, we would like to talk to them. >> greta: as a house republican, you are in the majority party, why don't you drop a subpoena on someone at the state department to show up and ask that person under oath who are the people who were evacuated from benghazi? and where are they? >> believe me, i am a little bit frustrated that we have not been issuing subpoenas. what we are waiting for, though, is the state department to issue their report. remember, they said they weren't going to offer any information until the blue ribbon commission was done. they said that could take 60 to 65 days, now that it's mon 3, they opowe us a report.
7:35 pm
that's i didn't think susan rice made the announcement. i think we are the verge of getting the report. but the state department is scwirnling, saying maybe we will give you the summary. secretary clinton might not come up. the report, if done accurately, is going to be a very difficult thing for the white house and the state department and the department of defense and the cia to explain. i am opt mistsic, but i think that's why susan rice made the announcement today. it is already late. >> greta: just to fill in the blanks, the accountability review board, within the department of the state and tom pickerring and admiral mike mullen are conducting the investigation and the expectation is that on december 20, secretary of state hillary clinton will be testifying on capitol hill before the house foreign relations committee and the senate foreign relations committee and talking about that reports. so presumably, it will be completed before then. but late today, we have been hearing noise that the entire
7:36 pm
report won't be released. go figure. they may claim dloif classified toze us, but i don't know why the house and the senate wouldn't get the full and complete report. >> it's exactly right. one of the concerns with those who were injured is how they were extracted. the fire fight starts at 9:40 and the department of defense doesn't leave germany until 2:00 p.m. and doesn't get back until the 10:00 p.m. hour. meanwhile -- nobody's said this on television, nobody's mentioned this -- they thought they were going to be attacked in tripoli, the embassy was evacuated in tripoli. yet whether they have the injured people on the tarmac, they are severely injured, they send an airplane over to benghazi and they returned to tripoli -- instead of going to italy or to germany -- then the c-17 has to come -- it makes no sense. it makes absolutely no sense. >> greta: the irony and i have
7:37 pm
no sympathy for the administration's claiming this is politicized because if they would just simply answer these questions, not drag their feet, maybe we will get it in the next 6 or 7 days, but if they would fill in the blanks, nobody would be suspicious. we get silly answers that don't make sense -- that's the problem. that is created by those who hold the facts. >> that's right! i am not trying to politicize this. we have injured americans! in the worst case ttakes 25 hours to extract them to a facility, an american facility, they're in germany. at the best case, maybe 18 hours and the administration won't answer those questions. these are legitimate questions. i want to talk to that family. they deserve to have answers. we have to make sure this never, ever happens again. when an american goes down, we go get him. this president didn't do that. >> greta: if you don't get the answers next week,ure in the majority party, you have the ability to do it. you should any go ahead and do .
7:38 pm
you have the power to get the information. so if you complain and you don't do anything, you are politicizing it. >> i am arguing with you there. i agree with you. >> greta: coming up, taboo topics, the proposed army handbook, forbidding u.s. troops to insult the taliban, that taliban that insults women. that's not all that they forbid. that's next. and in two minutes, ultimate government fighting. a parliament session, tushed into a barroom brawl. where did this happen? and how did it end? that's 2 minutes away.
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we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >> greta: if you thought members of our congress don't get along, check this out. ukraine lawmakers in a bench life clearing brawl in a parliament session, fights breaking out two days in a row
7:41 pm
in the group's opening session. the group getting off to a rather rocky start. the battle is between the opposition and the majority parties. they couldn't agree on choosing a new speaker, so this is how they tried to settle their differences. scenes like this are not unusual in the ukraine. in recent years, there have been many physical fights. not sure this is the best way to settle policy differences. but our government doesn't seem to be doing much better. any suggestions for our government? go to gretawire and we are back in 90 seconds. [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, .
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>> greta: peculiar new warnings to u.s. troops in afghanistan. but first, the new york newsroom with the other headlines. >> hi, gret a. president obama and house speaker john boehner, holding talks earlier today on that looming fiscal cliff. they spoke for about an hour at the white house, but neither sides is revealing if
7:44 pm
concessions were made. lawmakers have until december 31 to come to an agreement on taxes and spending cuts or they will head over the fiscal cliff. the head of nato saying that the syrian government is on the brink of collapse. he says it's only a matter of time before the president is out of power. analysts say that would be a huge blow to its ally, including irab and hez bowlasm the nearly two-year uprising has killed at least 40,000 people. now back to "on the record." for your heatest headlines, go to >> greta: so what do you think about the warnings in a proposed new handbook for americans serving in afghanistan? the proposed guidelines, telling troops not to criticize the taliban or to advocate for women's rights. what kind of rules are those? and what message do the rules send to our troops?
7:45 pm
we have the first american female combat pilot who took on the defense department for equal rights. what is the army manual? >> it's a manual that comes out of the center for lessons learned for the troops being getting ready to train and deploy to afghanistan. the proposed. it is not final. but it's ridiculous on many levels. >> greta: here's part of it from one article. one of the confront eggs occur -- with the afghanis, is because of coalition -- that's us -- ignorance or oure -- our lack of empathy for muslim, resulting in violent reactions towards us. >> they are talking about the green-on-blue attack, where the afghan national security forces are tush turning on our troops and killing them. they are kecking that somehow it's our troops' behavior, being inssensitive to them that is
7:46 pm
bringing about their own murders. this is wrong on many levels. first, this is blaming the victim, instead of the act of terror and the act of murder. this is like telling a rape victim, her skirt was too short. that's wrong. on a second level,ats a method understanding of the green-on-blue killings and how we need to be addressing them. thirdly, we are once again, compromising our values as americans and putting a little cultural sensitivity on our troops, confusing the issue and making our troops now -- what -- don't advocate for women's rights? don't -- you know, don't criticize the taliban. there is -- >> greta: they do such horrible things to women. they are supposed to stand by, we are supposed to say, that's okay. >> it's absolutely inappropriate irveghts it's worse, it's wrong. >> viother words. i have seen this in my career, in many different times, it's a little cultural sensitivity is
7:47 pm
dangerous and leads to strategic blunders. >> greta: maybe they need cultural sensitivity that we have women's rights here. maybe a little cultural sensitivity to us. >> the whole idea of building partner capacity is not to strain them, but to be an example of them -- of what we are like, our professionalism, our values. we have a problem with sexual harassment and assault in the military and the leadership trying to figure out what is the matter, if you are coming up with manuals that say don't stand up for women's right, it is those statements adding to the problem, even in the u.s. military. >> greta: the manual says, there should be no public criticism of pedid ped feel -- >> how did that get up the chain of command. >> greta: general john allen, who heads the forces, he has rejected the manual and says
7:48 pm
it's a lousy idea. >> that's good to hear, obviously. but this is the army that needs to make their own decision to stop this. it needs to be, you know, stopped. >> greta: stopped. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> greta: a new cliff to fall off, the regulatory cliff. what is that and how dangerous? are we headed over it? find out next. from the best players in history to the number 1 club in the world. the potential of manchester united unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential.
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>> greta: brace yourself, besides heading over the fiscal cliff, some pbs groups are warring about the regulatory cliff. byron york is here. nice to see you. what is the regulatory cliff? >> well, the regulatory cliff is a burve of regulations that have been held up for a while that are probably going to come out of the obama administration pretty soon. the feeling is that they had a lot of regulations, some of which would be politically unpopular, that they held on to until after the election. economically significant regulations, which would have at least $100 million effect on the economy every year. the obama administration -- >> good or bad. >> whatever. i mean, it's something that the congress wants to know if you
7:53 pm
are going to do this significant regulation, the obama administration did 63 of them in 2009. 63 in 2010, 50 in 2011 and then about 20 this year. >> greta: is that because they have done all the ones they wanted to and just over time, they had no more to do. or was that because they were trying to hide them and do political maneuvering and how do you tell? >> republicans say there is a lot of them in the pipeline. so they would -- the view the latter answer. they say there are a lot of them in the pipeline. there is something called the unified agenda of federal regulations that the administration is required to publish each year in the spring and the fall and they haven't published either one this year. the republicans are getting very suspicious,. >> greta: if they are required to, why aren't they doing it? i don't get t. i am required to be here at 10:00 every night. so i show up. i don't get it. >> why hasn't senate passed a budget? >> greta: how do you get the jobs where you have requirements
7:54 pm
that you don't have to do? how do you get them? >> it helps if you get elected. >> greta: i guess. >> they haven't published these things. the republicans think there will be a lot of regulations on the environment, there will be very costly regulations on runoff in the pollution from coal-fired power plants. we know there is going to be a lot of regulations about obamacare that are coming out -- >> greta: we are getting those. >> exactly! we talked about the $63 a head levy that the department of health and human services is putting on every single person who has insurance, charging the insurers that. we know there is a lot more coming out of obamacare because, obviously, the exchanges have to be up and running by this fall and the whole thing's going to be going by january 1. >> greta: is this something other administrations did when the shoe was on the other foot? >> the bush administration did a lot of regulating. there is no doubt about t. but obama has done more. the number of economically
7:55 pm
significant regulations he has done, has been higher than in previous administrations. and some of this is plain old republican suspicion because they think the president was holding back before the election, now that he is safely re-elected and can't run again, now he is going to let it out. >> greta: we are finding out more about the health care and the fighting is growing. >> that's going to be huge. >> greta: you are the one who tipped me off to the 17 senator who is want to get rid of a tax that they voted for. >> which they voted for. >> greta: which they voted for. nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> greta: coming up, a brawl breaking out in a basketball game. but not the players. the chaos is caught on camera. you will see much more, that's coming up. plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone --
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